Sellers Checklist

Thinking of selling your property? We have complied a must-do checklist before you sell your property to maximise your result.

  1. Presentation – Wether you have a renovators delight or a new property, always ensure you put in the hard yards or engage someone to present your property correctly. Ensure you either repaint or at least touch up areas, lighten up and replenish garden, repair anything that is broken or looks unpleasing and conduct a thorough and detailed clean.
  2. Major issues – check if property needs major repairs like an overgrown tree, broken gutters or roof or cracks in outside or inside walls and floors.
  3. Declutter or style – If you live in the property and intend of staying there throughout the campaign, ensure you keep a bare minimum amount of furniture or if it becomes vacant consider hiring or styling the property with furniture. Making the property look bigger is a big sell to buyers. Ask us for advise on what to keep and costs of styling.
  4. The agent – When choosing an agent ensure you meet with them, talk to them and assess the way they do business. Depending on the market (buyers or sellers) you want an agent with an detailed insight to the market, understands buyers and sellers, skilled negotiator and one who is most enthusiastic. Sometimes the agent that looks like they are selling the most are not always the best pick.
  5. Price – In a transitioning market its hard to pick a price for your property which is why most agents tend to hold auction campaigns. Again an agent should be able to give you an accurate figure and sometimes you want an agent who is honest about the price rather than one who wants to buy the listing. If your really concerned about getting the price right engage a true valuer to establish the correct figure.
  6. Marketing – One of the key to achieving the best price for your property, in order to attract multiple buyers your online presence should be your main focus. This involves taking professional photos on the right day, designing colour floor plans, punchy videos, catchy selling lines and descriptions, light signboards and attractive print and newspaper media.
  7. ┬áSolicitor – Now your ready to engage a solicitor, ensure that your solicitor is up to date with all the latest government legislation which is constantly changing. On top of the normal 149 certificate, water diagram, survey, strata by laws and plans, title search, now there are also clearance certificates required these days for capital gain and tax office payments.